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LARAM - LAndslide Risk Assessment and Mitigation

LARAM School

LARAM School 2020 Programme

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LARAM is an International School on "LAndslide Risk Assessment and Mitigation" of the Geotechnical Engineering Group (GEG) of the University of Salerno.

The 2-week long school for PhD students and young doctors is the main yearly initiative of LARAM.
For each edition of the school, 40 PhD students are selected to attend the residential courses, selected among applicants working in civil engineering, environmental engineering, engineering geology or related fields. The School can be also attended by some Young Doctors who defended their PhD thesis in the previous 5 years.
The courses include formal lessons, tutorials and field training.

LARAM School 2020 online (ready to start)

7-18 September 2020 (On-line Course)
Each day from 13:00 to 19:30 in Italian Summer time (=UTC+2)


INSTRUCTIONS for connection


  • The list is available at this page: link


  • 40 selected PhD students
  • 10 registered Young Doctors (PhD dedended not before 2015)

APPLICATION FORMS (to be opened soon)

  • PhD students (link)
  • Young Doctors (link)


  • PhD students: 250 eur
  • Young Doctors: 400 eur


  • The selection of the participants will be based on an evaluation of the candidate's curriculum - including academic performance, previous research experience and publications - and on the content of the recommendation letter(s) in relation to the PhD year, field of expertise and research topic. The list of the selected students will be issued by mid July 2020.

DEADLINE: Monday 29 June 


The programme of the School will consist of 5-hour daily lectures and end-of-day test. The programme is structured in the following sessions:

  • S1, Introduction to landslides
  • S2, Landslide risk theory
  • S3, Landslide modelling
  • S4, Landslide risk analysis and zoning
  • S5, Landslide monitoring and mitigation
  • S6, Landslide risk management and risk governance


LARAM School 2020 - teaching on line this time - (NEW)

Covid19 outbreak is a global threat and, first of all, we hope that you and your families are fine. The LARAM team is fine and we hope to meet students and lecturers again in person as soon as possible.


For the time being, also this year the LARAM School will not loose the occasion to teach and be together with the students. We will simply do in a different way.


Compared to traditional LARAM School Editions, we will keep:

i) the international application call,

ii) the selection among applicants,

iii) final certificate of attendance to the students.


Interactive participation of the students is, as usual, MANDATORY, otherwise the attendance certificate will not be issued at the end of the School.


The Application call will be opened soon (in April).

Details will be provided soon.


Best regards,

Leonardo, Michele and Sabatino 


LARAM Course 2020 @ Roorkee (INDIA)

Just after the LARAM School 2019 in Lausanne (Switzerland), a new LARAM initiative.

LARAM Course 2020 in Roorkee (India)

@ Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT-Roorkee), INDIA
17 - 22 February 2020

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LARAM School 2019 @ Lausanne - Switzerland

@ University of Lausanne, Switzerland
2 - 13 September 2019

Highlights of LARAM 2019 @ Lausanne (NEW)

  • LARAM 2019 - Nadim
  • LARAM 2019 - Glade

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1st LARAM Honour Lecture

Starting from 2018, The LARAM Honour Lecture is awarded for outstanding contributions in: i) scientific research on landslides and the related risk; and ii) educational activities dealing with landslide risk assessment and mitigation (link).

The 1st LARAM Honour Lecturer will be Prof. Jordi Corominas (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UPC, Barcelona, SPAIN).
Best Congratulations from the whole LARAM Staff and LARAM Community !!!

  • 2018-5
  • 2018-6

Interview to the 1st LARAM Honour Lecturer

Prof. Jordi Corominas (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UPC, Barcelona, SPAIN)

Interview recorded on September 3, 2018
on our way to the LARAM School at the University of Salerno (Italy)


# 591 Alumni

LARAM Scientific Committee 2018-20

The list of new SC of the LARAM School is now available (link).

LARAM School 2018 - call on Landslides Journal

The LARAM School is managed by the Geotechnical Engineering Group (GEG) of the University of Salerno, which recently became an Associate member of the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL). The 2018 edition of the LARAM School is organised as an ICL/IPL activity.


Highlights from LARAM School 2018

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