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LARAM School / 2007






"Introduction to landslides"
"Landslide analysis using approaches based on: Geology, Geotechnics and Geomechanics"

I-1 (Cascini, 1h): Introduction to landslides
I-2 (Corominas, 2.5hs): Landslide identification. Key geological, geomorphological and hydrogeologicla features of landslides
I-3 (Cascini, 2hs): The geotechnical slope model
I-4 (Vardoulakis, 3hs): Basic geomechanics of landslides: graphostatics, the action of water and dynamics


"Risk Theory and Risk Analysis for Landslides"

II-1 (Nadim, 2hs): Introduction to risk theory and risk analysis for landslides: what is risk, problems to solved at different scales for quantification of risk for different categories of landslides
II-2 (Corominas, 1.5hs): Empirical models for travel distance estimation
II-3 (Nadim, 1.5hs): Deterministic and probabilistic models for slope stability evaluation
II-4 (Corominas, 2hs): Landslide frequency assessment
II-5 (Nadim, 1.75hs): Application examples of probabilistic methods and semi-quantitative methods for landslide hazard zonation
II-6 (Pastor, 1.5hs): Introduction to modelling of catastrophic landslide events
II-7 (Pastor, 1.5hs): Advanced numerical models for initiation of landslides
II-8 (Pastor, 2hs): Advanced numerical models for propagation of sediments (with emphasis on application examples and comparison with empirical model predictions)
II-9 (Corominas, Bonnard, Nadim, 2hs): Case studies: Andorra rockfalls, Sedrun village in Switzerland, Åknes rock slope in Norway
II-10 (Bonnard, 1.25hs): Different components of vulnerability to landslides (physical, social, economical, environmental).
II-11 (students, 1.5hs): Posters by students
II-12 (Bonnard, 2hs): Prevention and long-term management of landslides, example from motorway in La Réunion Island
II-13 (Bonnard, 1.5hs): Climate change and its potential effects on the landslide hazard in Europe


"Landslide risk mitigation by control works"

III-1 (Sorbino, 0.5h): Control works according to the risk mitigation framework
III-2 (Bonnard, 2hs): Principles of prevention and long-term management of landslides, efficiency of drainage works
III-3 (Sorbino, 1h): Case histories





"Landslide susceptibility, hazard and risk zoning at different scales"

IV-1 (Cascini, 1.5hs): The International "Guidelines for Landslide Susceptibility, Hazard and Risk Zoning for Land Use Planning". Input elements to zoning maps and zoning at different scales. 
IV-2 (Cascini, 1.5hs): Basic methods and procedures for susceptibility and hazard zoning at small and medium scale (1:100,000-25,000)
IV-3 (Cascini, 1h): Tutorial on susceptibility and hazard zoning at 1:25,000 scale
IV-4 (van Westen, 1.5hs): GIS for landslide susceptibility and hazard assessment
IV-5 (van Westen, 1.5hs): Basic methods and procedures for susceptibility and hazard zoning at small and medium scale (1:100,000-25,000)
IV-6 (van Westen, 2.5h): Tutorial on landslide susceptibility assessment using statistical analysis
IV-7 (Ho, 1h): Natural terrain zoning and management criteria - Hong Kong practice and experience
IV-8 (Ho, 1h): Qualitative risk rating for individual slopes/hillsides and global quantitative risk assessment
IV-9 (Ho, 1.5hs): Site-specific quantitative risk assessment and risk management
IV-10 (Ho, 1h): Tutorial on quantitative risk assessment
IV-11 (Ho, 1h): Digital technology for mapping and monitoring


"The role of sophisticated methods in landslide Risk analysis"
"Improvement of sophisticated methods with the aid of geomechanics"

V-1 (Cascini, 1h): Introduction to advanced slope stability characterization
V-2 (Sorbino, 3hs): Flow-like mass movements in pyroclastic soils: Triggering mechanisms and some remarks on propagation stage
V-3 (Nova, 3hs): Analysis of the stability of soil slopes with low slope angles as a result of latent instability
IV-4 (Darve, 3hs): Finite element modelling of landslides by taking into account an hydromechanical coupling and an instability criterion


"Landslide risk management"

VI-1 (Leroi, 5hs): Risk management on la Désirade Island and Pointe-Noire in Guadeloupe
VI-2 (Lacerda, 2hs): Engineering solutions to mitigate landslide risk
VI-3 (Lacerda, 1h): Landslide Risk Management in Rio de Janeiro
VI-4 (Seco e Pinto, 1h): Case history: Risk management of a poorly-designed 30 m high slope