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LARAM Course 2011

LARAM School

Previous Editions

2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006


LARAM School & Workshop 2011 * SPECIAL EDITION *

Monday 5th - Saturday 10th September 2011, Salerno, Italy

  • LARAM School Opening lecture [Monday (1h)]
  • LARAM School [Monday (6h) and Tuesday (7h)] "Risk Theory and Risk Analysis for Landslides"
  • LARAM Workshop [Wednesday (7h), Thursday (7h), Friday (3.5h)] "The EU FP7 SafeLand project"
  • LARAM School TUTORIAL [Friday (4h)]
  • LARAM Technical Visit and QRA tutorial on-site [Saturday (5h)]
  • Closing cerimony [Saturday (1.5h)]