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LARAM School 2016

LARAM School

Application for PhD students (now CLOSED)

Applications to the LARAM School 2016 (deadline expired: 30th May 2016).

The list of selected students will be issued by 12nd June.


Required qualification skills 

  • PhD Student in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Engineering Geology or with a similar Engineering background.
  • Good knowledge of the English language (ability to understand and to speak).

Main Criteria of Selection


Quality of academic profile (Curriculum Vitae, max 2 pages)
  • Subject of Degree (in relation to the topic of the School or similar)
  • Research experiences
  • Publications (especially in relation to the topic of the School)

PhD Programme

  • Subject of research (in relation to the topic of the School)
  • Type (e.g. experimental, theoretical, numerical)
  • PhD year and current status of research programme

 Recommendation Letters (min 1 - max 3)


Instructions to Apply to the LARAM School 2016


  • 1st step
    Download the Excel file (LARAM2016_ApplicationForm_phdstudents.xls)


  •  2nd step
    Fill the Application Form according to the instructions provided in the file and save the filled Application Form with the following name:

              LARAM2016_Application_"your Last Name"_ "your First Name".XLS


  • 3rd step
    Prepare you Curriculum Vitae (max 2 pages!) and save it (in Word DOC format or Adobe PDF format) with the following name:

              LARAM2016_CV_"your Last Name"_ "your First Name"


  • 4th step
    Submit the Application to LARAM by sending to us at laram@unisa.it an e-mail according to the following instructions:

              From: "your e-mail address"

              To: laram@unisa.it

              Cc: "e-mail address of Recommender No.1"; "e-mail address of Recommender No.2";
                     "e-mail address of Recommender No.3"

              Subject: APPLICATION to LARAM 2016 - "your Last Name" "your First Name"

              Body of text:

                            1st line = NAME: "your Last Name" "your First Name"

                            2nd line = UNIVERSITY: "Name of PhD University"

                            3rd line = COUNTRY: "Country of PhD University"

                            4th line = FIELD: "PhD Field"

                            5th line = TUTOR: "Name of PhD Tutor"

                            6th line = RECOMMENDER No.1: "Name of Recommender No.1"

                            7th line = RECOMMENDER No.2: "Name of Recommender No.2"

                            8th line = RECOMMENDER No.3: "Name of Recommender No.3"

              Attachment No.1: Filled Application Form (EXCEL File)

              Attachment No.2: Curriculum Vitae (max 2 pages!) (WORD or PDF File)


  • 5th step
    Contact your Recommenders and tell them to send to us at laram@unisa.it the Recommendation

              Letter via e-mail according to the following instructions:

              From: "e-mail address of Recommender"

              To: laram@unisa.it

              Cc: "e-mail address of Applicant"

              Subject: RECOMMENDATION - LARAM 2016 - "Last Name of Applicant" 
                            "First Name of Applicant"

              Body of text:

                            Recommendation Letter on behalf of

                            "Name of Applicant" for his/her Application to the LARAM School 2016

                            "Name of Recommender"

                            "Role of Recommender"

                            "Institution of Recommender"

              Attachment: Recommendation Letter (max 1 page!) (WORD of PDF File)