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LARAM School 2021 on-line

LARAM School

INSTRUCTIONS for Connection and Participation on-line

(version 22 July 2021)



  • We are pleased to welcome the Lecturers and the Participants to this 2nd on-line LARAM School.



  • LARAM has a 15 year long tradition in being an INTERACTIVE School. This is the first Keyword of the School. This time we would like to do the same as the previous years.
  • Questions to the lecturers are recommended during the lessons, by using the CHAT messages. Each lecturer will decide case-by-case if reply immediately the question or in the Q&A slot after the lesson.
  • The participants may ask the un-replied questions (e.g. for lack of time in the Q&A slot) by email and we are sure that the LARAM Lectures will be available to reply.



  • We arranged two teaching platforms: one official LARAM-branded platform (via ZOOM) and another home-made as backup solution (via Google Meet).
  • For connection to the official LARAM-branded platform please go this web-page (--------), and follow the indications. It should be easy to do for any of you.
  • QUALITY of internet connection is FUNDAMENTAL.


Trials for connection

  • Trial connections with the participants and the lecturers will be organized in the the first week of September. These informal meetings, each 45 minutes long, will be also the occasion to meet in advance. We will communicate the detailed calendar here below.


31 August

2 September








Loss of connection

  • In case of unexpected loss of connection of the Lecturer, the participants may be asked to move to the 2nd platform. In such situation, the participants will be noticed via EMAIL.
  • The participants with temporary connection problems or disconnection issues will be able to see the day lecture in the next 24 hours.