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LARAM School 2022 hybrid

LARAM School


The selected students received and will receive info directly by email from the LARAM TC.

The on site lessons will take place at the Museo Diocesano San Matteo, which is located in Largo Plebiscito, 12, 84121 Salerno (ITALY).

Since the daily test will be done on the Microsoft Teams platform, you are invited to download the mobile version of the platform on your device (smartphone or tablet) following these steps:

1)      download the mobile app

2)      click on the access received via email

3)      enter the single-use account verification code received via email (a new single-use code will be sent every time you need to access the web platform)

4)      select the LARAM School 2022 class

5)      click on the daily test (each day of test is indicated).

>>   please bring your personal device in the classroom, unfortunately no further device will be provided by the organization.

Before the beginning of the School, you are invited to access the mobile app and to do the TRIAL TEST in order to assess whether you are able to take the daily 30-minute multiple-choice test at the end of each School day.

In any case if you any problem to access to the web platform please let us know.

although FFP2 masks are no longer required indoors or outdoors in Italy, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED wearing a FFP2 mask in the the Museo Diocesano San Matteo. Despite falling infection numbers, the pandemic is still not over.