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ALERT 8th Olek Zienkiewicz Course 2016

The 8th Alert Geomaterials Local Doctoral Course will be held from Monday September 5 to Friday September 9, 2016 @ Salerno University Campus.  The topic is Geomechanics of landslides.

The main goal of the Olek Zienkiewicz Course and specific information about the previous editions since 2009 can be found at the web-page of ALERT Geomaterials.

This year, the OZ course will be jointly held to the first week of the LARAM School (LAndslide Risk Assessment and Mitigation), which will be attended by 40 selected PhD students, who will pay their own travel to Salerno and a reduced registration fee of 150 euro (Applications are OPEN) and up to maximum 5 registered Young Doctors, who will pay their own travel to Salerno and a registration fee of 300 euro (Regitrations are OPEN).


Due to pedagogic reasons, the number of participants to the 8th Alert Geomaterials Local Doctoral Course is limited to 25. The deadline for registration is extended to 10th August 2016. 

L. Cascini & C. di Prisco


Opening lecture and Introduction to landslides 

Leonardo Cascini (Università di Salerno, UniSa)

Introduction to Risk Theory

Settimio Ferlisi (University of Salerno)

Risk theory (for site specific problems)
Farrok Nadim (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, NGI)

Introduction to Landslide Susceptibility

Leonardo Cascini (Università di Salerno, UniSa)


Soil characterization for landslide analysis

Eduardo Alonso (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UPC)


Constitutive modelling in rainfall-induced landslides (including also a tutorial)

Claudio di Prisco (Politecnico di Milano, PoliMi)


Constitutive modelling in earthquake-induced landslides

Claudio di Prisco (Politecnico di Milano, PoliMi)


Thermo-mechanical coupling in fast catastrophic landslides

Eduardo Alonso (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UPC)


Diagnosis of landslide processing in clayey soils (including also a tutorial)

Federica Cotecchia (Politecnico di Bari, PoliBa)


Modeling of rock slides and rock falls

Claudio Scavia (Politecnico di Torino, PoliTo)


Modeling of landslides in coarse-grained soils (including also a tutorial)

Manuel Pastor (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, UPM)


From geomechanics to landslide susceptibility analysis

Leonardo Cascini (Università di Salerno, UniSa)


Landslide susceptibility deterministic analysis

Sabatino Cuomo (Università di Salerno, UniSa)


Landslide susceptibility statistical analysis

Michele Calvello (Università di Salerno, UniSa)



The course will be held at the Campus of the University of Salerno (map).

  • Location and Maps


  • Campus Life


  • Surroundings


  • Transport from/to Salerno downtown



To the 8th OZ Course students may get at a cost of about 100 euro:

  • accommodation in double rooms at the Salerno University Campus Residences (link), check-in Sunday 4, check-out Saturday 10;
  • a bagde granting access to 10 standard lunches and 10 standard dinners (i.e. first dish, second dish, side dish and fruit, with three different daily choices per dish, link).
  • To access this option, the student must indicate this choice in the registration form. ONLY upon request, room reservation will be provided.
  • Payment details will be given soon

the students may autonoumsly book Hotels, B&Bs, Youth Hostel in the Salerno downtown (Piazza Sedile di Portanova), 10 km far from the School venue (University Campus).
In this case, we reccomended to carefully check the distance from the main Stops of Bus n. 7, 17 or 27 (Piazza Vittorio VenetoPiazza Malta)


  • June 15th..............................Registration Deadline
  • June 22nd...................List of accepted participants


  • Non ALERT members...............................300 euros
  • ALERT members................................Free of charge 

(Note: registration fee to be paid to ALERT Geomaterials, as indicated in the registration form.)


Utenti connessi

Contact persons

Sabatino Cuomo (email: scuomo@unisa.it), Mariagiovanna Moscariello