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LARAM School / 2012 Asia

LARAM School 2012 - 2nd Asia Course

12th - 23th November 2012, Chengdu, China.

APPLICATIONS and REGISTRATIONS are CLOSED (deadline expired on 20th September).

  • The LARAM Class of 2012 will compise:

               - 40 selected PhD students (applications are CLOSED)
               - the first 20 registered Young Doctors (regitrations are CLOSED)


  • the 40 selected PhD students must pay their own travel to China. Room, meals and local transportation will be paid by the organizing institute SKLGP.


  • the 20 registered Young Doctors must pay their own travel to China and a registration fee of 300 euro, including participation to the lectures and fieldworks as well as room, meals and local transportation.



  • Special Introduction Session
  • Session 1 "Introduction to landslide analysis"
  • Session2 "Risk Theory and Risk Analysis for Landslides"



  • Session 3 "Landslide susceptibility, hazard and risk zoning: international experiences"
  • Session 4 "Geotechnical analysis at slope scale"
  • Session 5 "Landslide risk mitigation"
  • Special session

Concluding remarks 

Hosting Institution: SKLGP

State Key Laboratory of Geohazard Prevention and Geoenvironment Protection
of the Chengdu University of Technology (China)

SKLGP web site (in English and Chinese)