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LARAM School 2016

LARAM School 2016

5 - 16 September 2016
@ Salerno University Campus

LARAM is an International School on "Landslide Risk Assessment and Mitigation" that was founded on 12th April 2005 by the University of Salerno (www.laram.unisa.it). The Scientific Committee consists of international experts in the fields of Landslide Risk.

The main objectives of LARAM are:
1. to establish an annual 2 weeks high-level course for PhD students from all Countries, with international experts on landslide risk assessment and mitigation as teaching staff;
2. to develop high educational interdisciplinary programs for assessing, forecasting and mitigating landslide risk over large areas;
3. to promote the creation of "on the job" vocational training programs aimed at solving real landslide risk problems using the most advanced theories and methodologies in the fields of geotechnical engineering, geomechanics, geology, mathematical modelling, monitoring, GIS techniques, etc.

Participation Target:

The LARAM course is intended for 40 PhD students that are carrying out research in the field of landslide hazard and risk assessment. Participants should be registered as PhD student in a University and not have obtained their PhD yet at the time of the course. The participants should have a background in one of the following fields: Geology, Geography, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Engineering Geology or other Earth Science disciplines. Participants must have a good knowledge of the English language as the course will be conducted in English.
The Class can also include a maximum of 5 Young Doctors who have discussed their PhD dissertation not earlier than 2011.

The LARAM Class of 2016 will comprise:
- 40 selected PhD students, who will pay their own travel to Salerno and a reduced registration fee of 150 euro (Applications are OPEN)
- 5 registered Young Doctors, who will pay their own travel to Salerno and a registration fee of 300 euro (Regitrations are OPEN)
- 25 students attending only the first week of the School (dedicated to the 8th Olek Zienkiewicz Course, co-organized with ALERT Geomaterials, more info)


(co-organized with ALERT Geomaterials, dedicated to the 8th Olek Zienkiewicz Course)
Session 1 "Landslide Classification and Risk Theory"
Session 2 "Geomechanics of Landslides"


Session 3 "Quantitative Risk Analaysis and Zoning"
Session 4 "Landslide risk mitigation"

Hosting Institution:
University of Salerno, Geotechnical Engineering Research Group

The main sponsor of LARAM School 2016 is the LARAM staff of UniSa (contacts).
Co-sponsor is ALERT Geomaterials, coorganizing the first week of the School dedicated to the 8th Olek Zienkiewicz Course.
The Lecturers belong to the Scientific Committee of LARAM with some experts from the ALERT Geomaterials Community.
The LARAM School 2016 will be held at the Salerno University Campus (UniSa), which has very good facilities, including lecture rooms, computer rooms, laboratories, and residences. Fieldwork will be done in the nearby area where hundreds of shallow landslides were generated on 1998 and in the later events.
The lectures of the School will be delivered from 5th to 16th September 2016.
The 40 selected PhD students must pay their own travel to Salerno and a reduced registration fee of 150 euro (Applications are OPEN)
The 5 Young PhD Doctors must pay their own travel to Salerno and and a registration fee of 300 euro (Registrations are OPEN).
Both selected PhD students and registered Young PhD Doctors may access a special price of 200 for accommodation in double-room in the residences of the Salerno University Campus and 20 standard menu (10 lunch and 10 dinner) inside the University Campus (accommodation special price).
Applications of PhD students:
The course is open to 40 PhD students, which will be selected through an international call. Applications should be made by filling in the application form and by providing a CV (max 2 pages) and 1 to 3 letters of recommendation.
For application: http://www.laram.unisa.it/school/2016/application_phd_students.
The deadline for applications is 30th May and selected students will be announced by 12nd June.
For information, you can send an email to laram@unisa.it.
Registration of Young Doctors:
The first 5 registered Young Doctors will participate to the LARAM School 2016
The deadline for registration is 15th June.
For registration: http://www.laram.unisa.it/school/2016/registration_young_doctors.
For information on payment, an email must be sent to laram@unisa.it.